V-Count is the leading provider of visitor analytics solutions in the world. We offer global  organizations the latest in people counting, heatmap, queue management, staff exclusion and  business intelligence platforms. Our solutions are backed by a secure cloud-based business  intelligence platform that leverages best-in-class AI and machine learning tools to analyze collected  data. 

V-Count is now listed among the first 10 companies in its field across the world by international  independent reporting companies. We are aiming to rank among the first 2 and bring our global  market share over 10 percent in 5 years. We are now focused primarily on retail stores and shopping  malls, but there are many sectors we want to enter such as airports, banks, supermarkets and  amusement parks. We dream of living in a world where our analytic systems are used when you  enter an airport or an amusement part, store, pharmacy in any country around the world in five  years. 

We sold the first V-Count product abroad to a chain store in Hong Kong in 2013. We thought that  people show similar behaviors all around the world, and if we handle this business well here, we can  do the same anywhere in the world. We got our first corporate investment in 2016 and opened our  first foreign office in Miami. The second investment came in 2017, followed by the opening of our  Dubai office at the beginning of 2018, and London office later the same year. 

Another thing we are proud of and care about is our human resource and company culture. We have  a very smart, dynamic, ethical, hard-working and fun team that has been with us since the  establishment of the company or joined us over years, and that works with team spirit following our  vision. We have a management that adopts the “Work hard play hard” culture. We work very hard  but enjoy ourselves in our entertaining office parties. Our investors express their respect and  appreciation for our team on every occasion. 

We now have over 550 corporate customers in 100 countries around the world.